Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “Nightfall”

For my very first blog post I decided to feature this beautiful thermal by Femme Fatale, one of my absolute favorite polish brands. This particular shade is exclusive to Live Love Polish as part of the “New Beginnings” collection. The following photos were taken under artificial lighting.


Nightfall has an amazing 2-coater formula. This polish is full of chunky holographic glitters, which spread out perfectly on their own when you apply even brush strokes. On top of these gorgeous holographic glitters, there is a strong pink shimmer that makes this polish even more unique. I had no problems getting this shade to transition from its warm state to cool state. Overall, this is a very reactive polish.




Here is Nightfall in its warm state: a cool white with strong pink shimmer.


And, here is Nightfall in its cool state: a periwinkle blue with strong pink shimmer.



Here’s one last shot of this gorgeous thermal!

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