Starrily “Cell-e-brate”

In preparation for the holidays, I currently have Starrily’s “Cell-e-brate” on my nails. This polish was part of Starrily’s Winter 2016 collection, and I originally purchased it from Live Love Polish. Unfortunately, this polish is currently out of stock. However, the rose gold glitter and holographic sparkles make it the perfect holiday polish!


Since this polish is made up of glitters in a clear jelly base, I first applied one regular coat of polish, followed by one sponged-on coat of polish. To add some more gloss back to the glitter, I then applied one final coat with the brush. Although a sponge application takes a little more time and clean-up, it is definitely worth it for holographic pay-off like this!


Cell-e-brate is described as a rose gold holographic, but I am finding that it leans more silver than rose gold in most lighting.


I hope your holiday season is full of sparkle! Happy HOLOdays!


How adorable is this holiday mug?!

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