Julep Peyton Negative Space Manicure

Would you believe that this gorgeous gold floral manicure was actually created by accident?!


I originally applied Julep Peyton, the gorgeous polish used in this manicure, to all of my nails, followed by gold floral nail decals also from Julep. Luckily, I messed my pointer finger up! I decided to remove all of the polish on that nail with acetone; when I pulled my cotton ball away, all that was left was the gold nail decal and the polish directly underneath it. I was in love with the negative space look that was the result, so I decided to follow suit with my middle and pinky nails, as well!


Peyton was relatively easy to apply, but I did find the formula to be a bit thicker than I prefer. These gold nail decals are made from fairly thick material, so I applied them while Peyton was still drying to help them stick to the polish. I did need to touch up my nails with a glossy top coat throughout the week as I did have some of the nail decals begin to stick up at the edges and threaten to come off.


I really loved the gorgeous duochrome finish of Peyton. The color shifts from a dark magenta to rosy fuchsia. Overall, I would definitely recommend this unique, shimmery shade.

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