Julep Maegan and Julep Kiana

Both of the shades featured in this mani are from Julep’s holiday 2017 Sugar Suite set of 6 mini polishes. I picked this set up from Ulta on Black Friday. The following pictures were taken in natural lighting in direct sunlight.


Maegan is a berry purple full of blue and pink microglitters. I love how unique this shade is! Although it isn’t very holographic, the blue and pink microglitters really add to the purple base color and make it really interesting. I used three coats of color for all nails except for my pinky for this manicure.


Kiana is a medium blue with iridescent green and purple microglitters. The microglitters in Kiana aren’t as noticeable as the microglitters in Maegan, but they still add a shimmer to the polish that makes it a little bit more unique. I need three coats of color to reach full opacity for this polish.


Overall, I am so pleased with this entire set of polishes! The mini Julep bottles are adorable and are perfect for me, considering I’ve never finished up a full bottle of nail polish, and they come in a really cute and durable gift box. This is the perfect gift set for the holidays or for a girlfriend’s birthday!

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