Pahlish “Five Rose Gold Rings”

Pahlish has made a wonderful first impression on me! This is my first polish from Pahlish (say “first polish from Pahlish” five [rose gold] times fast!!!) and I am blown away!


This gorgeous rose gold metallic shade is called “Five Rose Gold Rings“. All of the pictures in this post were taken in natural lighting, some in direct sunlight and some in the shade.


This polish applied beautifully and only needed two coats for full opacity. Five Rose Gold Rings is the first polish I have used that was advertised as rose gold that ACTUALLY showed up as a true rose gold. I have used a handful of “rose gold” polishes that either show up as plain gold or silver, or are even brown!


In both direct sunlight and in dimmer lighting, this polish shows off a pink tint that makes it a true rose gold.


I’m normally not a fan of metallic finishes, but I cannot stop staring at this polish! I will definitely be trying out some more Pahlish polishes in the future.

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