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1850 Artisan Polish Release Part One

Here is the first half of 1850 Artisan Polish’s first release! The first six polishes I’m going to talk about today are “Hollywood”, “Lovely”, “Dichotomy”, “Taupe-iary”, “City Lights at Night”, and “Wild Blackberries”. This collection is scheduled to release on January 20th at 7:00 am PST. These polishes are listed for $10.00 each.


You can also find 1850 on Instagram and Facebook! Unless specifically noted, all of the bottle shot and brush shot photos were taken in artificial lighting, and all manicure photos were taken in natural lighting under direct sunlight.

Hollywood is a metallic, violet pink with scattered holographic glitters, plus silver and fuchsia micro glitters.



Here is Hollywood in three coats of color. One thing I loved about Hollywood was that you get a different shade of pink with each coat of polish; Hollywood is definitely very buildable. I also thought it looked gorgeous at two coats, where it was more sheer.

Lovely is a soft pink creme inspired by sea shells on the beach. “Lovely” is the perfect description for this polish. I was seriously amazed by how easy this creme was to work with. Typically, pastel cremes are streaky and hard to apply. However, Lovely was a breeze to apply and looks stunning on the nail.



Here is Lovely in three coats of color. If you have shorter nails than I do, you can probably get away with two coats to reach full opacity. I would recommend letting each coat of polish dry completely before adding your next coat to avoid any brush streaks and to avoid any pulling of your first coats of color. I can’t wait to use this polish for a Valentine’s Day Mani!

Dichotomy is a medium royal purple to icy light lavender thermal with a light pink shimmer that stands out beautifully, especially in its warm state. It also has scattered holographic glitters. Here is Dichotomy’s thermal shift under artificial lighting.


Here is Dichotomy in its completely cold state in artificial lighting.


Dichotomy is opaque in just two coats of polish. It does thicken up by coat two, but not enough to make the polish difficult to work with. Dichotomy also dries slightly matte, so you will want a top coat to give it this glossy finish. The thermal effect transitions beautifully!


Here is Dichotomy in natural lighting under direct sunlight. The sunlight brings out the bright pink shimmer, which lightens up the purple shade.

Taupe-iary is a taupe creme that leans lavender. There is also a strong copper shimmer with an additional hint of green shimmer.


Taupe-iary was opaque for me in three coats of color.

City Lights of Night is one of the most exciting polishes in this collection! City Lights of Night has a black jelly base and is packed with different sized holographic glitters and multi-colored glitters.


I did need four coats of polish to build City Lights at Night up to an opaque black.

Wild Blackberries is a deep berry purple sprinkled with a light blue shimmer. This polish is inspired by the stain left behind on your fingers after picking wild blackberries!


I used three coats of color to build up the purple base to this berry shade.

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. I hope you enjoyed your first glimpse at some of the gorgeous polishes that make up 1850 Artisan Polish’s debut to the indie polish world! Overall, I had no complaints about any of the formulas and they were all easy to work with. Stay tuned for part two of this collection!

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