Glam Polish

Glam Polish “Dream Big Little Mermaid”

Dream Big Little Mermaid is a gorgeous polish full of flakies. The base color is a dark purple that leans black. The blue and pink chrome flakies are to die for! There is also some scattered holographic. The following photos were taken in natural outdoor lighting.


I did find the formula on this polish to be pretty thin, making it semi-difficult to work with. I had to work pretty quickly to get it on the nail as it was so runny. However, the flakies did make it a little easier to spread onto the nail.


The flakies are so stand-out and stunning I think the iffy formula is worth it! I’m a big fan of Glam Polish, and this is the only polish I’ve used from them that has had a poor formula, so I feel that this was probably a fluke.


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