OPI “Significant Other Color”

Significant Other Color from OPI is by far one of the most impressive drugstore polishes I have seen to date!


This shade is a light pink that leans mauve with intense light green shimmer. The green shimmer was very hard to capture fully on camera and is even more stand-out in person. I can’t stop staring at the shimmer! Usually I get the most distracted by holographic polishes, but this shimmer is truly incredible.


The contrast between the light pink base and green shimmer adds to the beauty of this polish.


Application was very smooth, but it did require three coats for full opacity. This is a very sheer polish, but its sheer formula allows for ultimate shimmer payoff!


Here’s one last look at this stunner. I’m so thrilled that I finally picked this polish up! I have been eyeing it for ages and finally found it at TJ Maxx– so, keep your eyes peeled for it, ladies!


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