Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale “Insidious”

This polish is a Femme Fatale exclusive to Beauty So Fly. I was partially intrigued by this polish’s name as well as the gorgeous pink shimmer. The following photos were taken in natural lighting in direct sunlight.


Insidious is a dark navy blue jelly polish with a multichrome pink to green shimmer, as well as holographic glitters.


The formula was great and very easy to work with; I was able to reach full opacity in two easy coats of color.


This final photo was taken on my iPhone, but I had to include it because the pink shimmer came out so well in this picture!

If you’re able to make a large purchase from Beauty So Fly, or can find a friend or two to go in on a large purchase with you, I would definitely recommend that you pick this BSF exclusive up!

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