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Necessary Evil Polish: “DNA” and “Floating Garden of Emotions”

I had the pleasure to swatch two new thermals for Necessary Evil Polish this week! Both of these thermals are gorgeous and unique. One thing I love about the brand is that you can choose between a 5 mL and 15 mL bottle size, which is great if you want to experiment with a new brand, or… You just have WAY too much polish, like me! Keep reading for my swatches and reviews of these two beauties.


First up is “Floating Garden of Emotions”, a pink to purple thermal. This polish is full of flakies, including UCC flakies, illusion flakies, and metallic micro-flakies. There is also a hint of scattered holographic.


Here is Floating Garden of Emotions in its completely warm state, a dark pink.


And, here is Floating Garden of Emotions in its completely cold state, a gorgeous royal purple.


Here’s an up-close shot where you can see the gorgeous flakies better. I used three coats of color to make this polish opaque, but those with shorter nails can definitely get away with two coats of polish. This polish also dries matte, so you will want a glossy top coat if you want some shine.


Up next is “DNA”, a polish inspired by the work that the maker of Necessary Evil Polish does in the lab, replicating DNA. She imagines that this is what our DNA would look like if our eyes could see it, and personally, I DEFINITELY hope my DNA is this gorgeous.


DNA is a grey to black thermal with a scattered holographic shimmer, some larger holographic flakies, and outstanding purple shimmer. This polish was my favorite of the two because of this incredible shimmer! It stands out beautifully against both the black and grey.


Here is DNA in its completely warm state (aside from the very tip of my pinky nail, which did not want to stay warm!), a grey that leans green-toned.


And, here is DNA in its completely cold state, a true black.


Here’s an up-close shot of DNA in its cold state where you can see even more of the fantastic purple shimmer, as well as some of the holographic flakes. Again, I used three coats of polish to make this shade opaque, but those with shorter nails would be fine with two coats of color.


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