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Femme Fatale Valentine’s Day Trio 2018

Today I have swatches for the gorgeous Valentine’s Day trio from Femme Fatale! This trio was available in their January 2018 presale and the shades will trickle down to stockists in the future. All three of these shades are beautiful and are truly the epitome of Valentine’s Day. Each is based on either a Greek goddess or muse, all of which were involved with love and romance.


First up is my personal favorite from the collection, “Erato”, a light purple polish with a gorgeous red shimmer and iridescent unicorn skin flakies. Erato is one of the Greek muses, whose name means “desired” or “lovely”.



I thought Erato would be a three-coater, but I was happily surprised to reach full opacity in just two coats of color! Erato also dries slightly matte, so you will want a glossy top coat.



The shimmer in this polish is absolutely outstanding. This photo was taken directly under a daylight bulb to bring out that glorious shimmer!


Next up is “Aphrodite”, a pink to white thermal with iridescent flakies and blue shimmer. Aphrodite, as most of us know, is the goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite is also identified with the planet Venus, which is my ruling planet, so I am especially partial to Aphrodite!



I only needed two coats of polish for full opacity with this shade. The polish also does dry slightly matte, so you will want a top coat to add some gloss. I also found that this thermal definitely preferred being in its warm state. Even outside in a freezing New York winter, Aphrodite preferred to stay white or light pink and took a while to transition to the hot pink that is is the cold state.



In its warm state, Aphrodite is a pearlescent white. The iridescent flakies make this polish look like an opal in its white state.


In its cold state, Aphrodite is a bright, hot pink.




Aphrodite has one more state of color that my nails featured quite a bit while wearing this shade for the past week: a very faint pink. I found that Aphrodite was typically this light pink shade rather than white or hot pink.


The iridescent flakies are most noticeable in dim or shadowy lighting. Here you can see that this polished is packed full of these beautiful flakies!


In direct light, a bright blue shimmer pops out of the polish. This shimmer is visible in this photo under direct sunlight.



The final polish in this collection is “Peitho”. Peitho is the goddess of persuasion and seduction, and herald to Aphrodite. Peitho is a dark purple that leans red-toned thanks to a stunning red shimmer.


I used three coats of color for Peitho to even out some streakiness and to bring out the shimmer a bit more, but you can definitely get away with two coats of color for this shade.


This polish is full of holographic and iridescent glitters, which make Peitho dry fairly textured. You may need up to two coats of top coat to smooth it down and add some gloss.


There you have it, the 2018 Valentine’s Day Trio from Femme Fatale! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a beautiful Valentine’s Day.


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