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Glam Polish “Impedimenta” and “Expecto Patronum”

Today I have two beautiful “unicorn pee” pigment polishes from Glam Polish to share! Both of these shades were from Glam’s limited edition Magical Spells collection in honor of their 5th anniversary and are unfortunately not available for purchase at the time of this blog post.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I own several other Harry Potter themed polish from Glam Polish, and they are all amazing! I love that Glam hears their fans and keeps making gorgeous polishes based on this fandom.

First up is “Impedimenta”. In the Harry Potter universe, this spell temporarily immobilizes or slows down an attacker.


Impedimenta has a purple jelly base and is packed with the coveted unicorn pee shimmer.


Unicorn pee pigment creates a red to gold to green shimmer. In this polish, it turns the purple base into a gorgeous red-leaning magenta.


In the photo below, you can see Impedimenta at an angle where the green and gold aspect of the shimmer is more apparent.


I love that you get plenty of that unicorn pee pigment shift within the polish, but that you still get a glimpse of the purple base, especially around the edges of the nail. For this polish I originally used two coats of color on all but one nail, which needed three coats. When I began taking my swatch photos, however, I noticed that the one nail with three coats was visibly deeper in color and pigment. Because of this, I ended up adding a third coat to all of my other nails. I still think that you can get away with two coats of polish for this shade, but make sure you are applying the same number of coats to each nail for a more uniform color payoff.


Next up is my personal favorite of these two shades, Expecto Patronum! Harry first uses this spell in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where it is used to overpower the dementors.


Expecto Patronum has a teal jelly base with the same red to gold to green shifting unicorn pigment found in Impedimenta. Because of the different colored bases between these two polishes, you get a different effect from the unicorn pee shimmer.


In this polish, the unicorn pee pigment gives off a gorgeous purple shimmer, as well as the typical green and gold shimmer. This polish stole my heart because the purple shimmer is absolutely stunning against the teal jelly base!


In the photo below, you can see Expecto Patronum at an angle where the green to gold shift is most apparent.


I only needed two coats of Expecto Patronum to reach full opacity. You can play around with your number of coats to bring out more or less of the unicorn pee pigment.


Overall, both of these shades from Glam Polish are absolute stunners with amazing formulas and intense pigments. I am a huge fan of Glam Polish and would highly recommend their polishes! They are an Australian brand, but have a fantastic shipping service within the United States that is extremely fast and cost-effective!




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