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1850 Artisan Polish Women’s History Month Collection

I am so thrilled to share with you guys the second collection from 1850 Artisan Polish! I was so excited to get my box with these beauties in the mail after a 9 hour shift that I (carefully– don’t wanna break a nail!) tore open the packaging and started pulled out my swatch sticks immediately! If you were impressed by 1850’s debut collection in January of 2018, be prepared to be blown away once again.

Haven’t heart of 1850 Artisan Polish? 1850 made its debut to the world of indie polish in January of 2018. You can check out my original swatches of the debut collection here and here!

With input from her fans, Nikki has curated a stunning collection of five shades in honor of Women’s History month. This collection releases on March 1st. Three of these shades celebrate an inspiring woman from Californian history. The remaining two shades celebrate women everywhere! This collection is all about empowering women. Keep reading to learn about the background of each of these shades along with my swatches and reviews!

First up is Set the Bar High, which is 1850’s version of the color of the year for 2018, ultra violet.


This shade is inspired by Clara Shortridge Folz, the first woman on the West Coast to become a lawyer. Clara paved the way for women to practice law in California and also fought for women’s voting rights.


Set the Bar High is an ultra violet packed with gold shimmer. Here is an up-close shot at an angle where you can really see those gold specks of shimmer!


This pretty purple applies like a dream and is opaque in two coats.


Use Your Voice is inspired by Helen Hunt Jackson, an author and activist who used a novel to describe the mistreatment of Native Americans living on Mission land in California. Her story moved the hearts of her readers and helped change public opinion about the land and its people. Her legacy reminds us all to use our voices against injustice!


Use Your Voice is an earth-toned polish with a smokey grey base, gold shimmer, and multi-dimensional copper/pink/plum shifting shimmer.


As you can see in this close-up shot, the copper and gold shimmers really stand out! This polish is opaque in two coats, but I used three coats for my swatch photos. If you want the polish to lean closer to grey, go with two coats. If you love the brown-toned shade in my swatch photos, you may want to go for three coats!


New Life is the shade that caught my eye the second I opened the shipping box for this collection! This polish was inspired by Biddy Mason. Biddy was a former slave who petitioned the court to gain freedom after her owner brought her to California. She became a nurse midwife and used her earnings to purchase land in Los Angeles, making her one of the first African American landowners in California! On top of all of that, Biddy was a philanthropist who shared her wealth with the poor and imprisoned.


The bright green of New Life is a symbol of the new lives that Biddy helped bring into the world, as well as the green trees growing in the park named after her. New Life has a gorgeous gold shimmer. With this polish on my nails, I am aching for springtime! It’s been a long, yucky winter!


This gorgeous green is definitely my favorite from this collection. It is such a unique and stand-out shade! I’m wearing it on my toes right now. It is opaque in two coats of polish and has a smooth, easy to work with formula. This is a polish that you’ll want to apply with as straight brush strokes as possible to avoid any noticeable streaks after application.


Boundless is one of two thermals in this collection. This polish is a celebration of the unlimited strength and power of the women who change the world.


Boundless has iridescent color-shifting flakies that shift between violet, turquoise, blue, green, and gold, as well as gold shimmer! In this close-up shot, you can see a lot of the flakies.


In its cold state, Boundless is a midnight blue.


In its warm state, Boundless is a sheer pink with a blue flash of shimmer.


Boundless is opaque in two coats of color. I’m extremely impressed by this polish because the flakies are very smooth on the nail. They lay down perfectly and do not leave a textured or bumpy-looking finish. Many popular indie brands have yet to master the smooth-laying flakie polish, so it is incredibly impressive that 1850 achieved this in their first-ever flakie!


In this shot of Boundless, taken under direct sunlight on my phone’s camera, you can really see the gorgeous bright blue shimmer!

The final polish in this collection is another thermal, Groundbreaker. Groundbreaker is dedicated to all of the women who have been groundbreakers as they forged new paths, pushed conventional boundaries, and created a better world for everyone.


Groundbreak is a metallic thermal with scattered gold holographic microglitters and an intense fuchsia shimmer.


In its cold state, Groundbreaker is a grey-black with fuchsia to gold multichrome sparkle. Even though it is packed with glitters, Groundbreaker is not textured at all. You won’t get a bumpy glitter finish, but you still get a gorgeous glittery look!


In its warm state, Groundbreaker is a champagne pearl with the same fuchsia to gold multichrome sparkle.


This polish is opaque in two coats of color and applies like a dream.


And, there you have it, the second collection from 1850 Artisan Polish! What shades will you be purchasing? The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. 


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