Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale “It’s Everything”

It's Everything from Femme Fatale is an incredibly unique polish in that it appears blue in some lighting, and purple in other lighting. For the most part, it appeared light blue in indoor or dim lighting, and medium purple in direct sunlight. Here is It's Everything in its blue state. Here is It's Everything in… Continue reading Femme Fatale “It’s Everything”


Juleps “Felicia”, “Emerson”, and “Kimberly”

These three polishes are amongst some of the most highly sought out Julep polishes. Felicia, Emerson, and Kimberly were originally released in 2014. It took me several months to get my hands on all three of these unique speckled pastel polishes! Emerson (blue) is a robin's-egg-blue pastel creme with black flecks. Kimberly (purple) is a… Continue reading Juleps “Felicia”, “Emerson”, and “Kimberly”

Night Owl Lacquer · Polish Pickup · Thermal

Night Owl Lacquer “She Believed She Could, So She Did”: Polish Pickup December 2017

I'm so embarrassed that it took me so long to use this gorgeous flakie-filled thermal from December's Polish Pickup! New to Polish Pickup? Each month, PPU has a theme voted on by fans; indie polish makers then create their own polish based on their interpretation of that theme. The December theme was Holidays Around the… Continue reading Night Owl Lacquer “She Believed She Could, So She Did”: Polish Pickup December 2017


Starrily “Menchie the Cat”

If you're a Simplynailogical fan, you'll recognize this stunning baby pink holographic! This polish is named after Cristine's child/cat, Menchie. I purchased this polish from Live Love Polish-- it's not always in stock, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to purchase it! For this manicure, I used the sponging technique to make the… Continue reading Starrily “Menchie the Cat”

Cupcake Polish

Cupcake Polish “All Tide Up”

Today I have swatches of my first-ever polish from Cupcake Polish! I bought this shade a few months back and am finally getting around to wearing it on my nails this week. All Tide Up has a warm magenta creme base with purple to blue/teal multichrome shimmer. Here's a close-up shot of that gorgeous shimmer!… Continue reading Cupcake Polish “All Tide Up”


Quixotic Polish “Moon Rise”

Today I have swatches of my first polish from Quixotic Polish! I had been searching for the perfect moon-themed polish, and this one was exactly what I was looking for. Shoutout to my nail polish bestie Ayesha for, once again, introducing me to a new polish brand! Moon Rise is reminiscent of our beautiful moon… Continue reading Quixotic Polish “Moon Rise”


Essence Cosmetics “Space Glam” and “Intergalactic Adventure”

I recently started using an off-the-charts amazing eyeliner from Essence Cosmetics, so when I noticed these "Out of Space Stories" polishes in the display, I had to try a couple shades out! These polishes are only $2.99, so I was interested to see if they would be good quality or not. Plus, I am obsessed… Continue reading Essence Cosmetics “Space Glam” and “Intergalactic Adventure”

Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “Midnight Sun” and “Morningtide”

Today I have two thermals from Femme Fatale to share! These two polishes were part of the "New Beginnings" collection, which was originally exclusive to Live Love Polish. Since dissolving ties with Live Love Polish, Femme Fatale has had the remaining stock of this collection available on their website. I swatched another polish from this… Continue reading Femme Fatale “Midnight Sun” and “Morningtide”

Promise Polish · Thermal

Promise Polish “Glisten”

Today I have another gorgeous thermal from Promise Polish to share with you! Unfortunately, at the time of this post, this particular polish is unavailable; however, there are tons of other gorgeous thermals available in their shop! I also reviewed another one of their thermals, As Night Falls, a few weeks ago! One thing I… Continue reading Promise Polish “Glisten”