Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “Midnight Sun” and “Morningtide”

Today I have two thermals from Femme Fatale to share! These two polishes were part of the “New Beginnings” collection, which was originally exclusive to Live Love Polish. Since dissolving ties with Live Love Polish, Femme Fatale has had the remaining stock of this collection available on their website. I swatched another polish from this collection a few months ago, which you can see here!

First up is “Midnight Sun”, a stunning, shimmery purple to pink thermal. This polish does dry matte, so you will want a glossy top coat if you want a shiny finish.


In its cold state, Midnight Sun is a deep royal purple that looks like a dark periwinkle with the addition of the intense blue shimmer in the polish.


The bright, almost neon color is absolutely stunning!

In its warm state, Midnight Sun is a hot pink!


The bright blue shimmer is still visible in the warm state.

In all honesty, I had trouble with the formula of this polish. It was thicker than I prefer, and as few as possible brush strokes were required for smooth application. Even though this seems like a fairly opaque color, I needed 3-4 coats of polish per nail to keep the brush strokes clean and to keep up with the thick formula.


However, when this polish started transitioning… All problems with the formula were forgiven! This thermal is absolutely stunning, and the purple and pink compliment each other so well. I have gotten so many compliments on this manicure over the past few days!


Polish number two is “Morningtide”. When this shade was originally released, Live Love Polish used some extremely misleading swatches on their website. Unfortunately, I bought this polish under the assumption that it would match the official swatches they published. Sadly, this shade does not match those photos and is much more muted in person.

Morningtide is a muted rosy pink to light green thermal with scattered holographic glitters and an intense golden shimmer.


Morningtide is a mauve-toned rose pink in its cold state.

In its warm state, Morningtide is a light apple green. The gold shimmer is especially noticeable in the warm state.

The golden shimmer is the stand-out aspect of this polish for me. However, had I known the true color of this polish before purchasing it from Live Love Polish, I probably would have picked a different shade from the collection. While this polish is beautiful and incredibly unique, it doesn’t appeal to me as much as other thermals.


In love with the glossy finish in both of these polishes? For both of these manis, I used one of my new favorite top coats: “Fast Track” from 1850 Artisan Lacquer. This fast-dry top coat has a fantastic, non-shrinkage formula and is incredibly shiny!

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