Essence Cosmetics “Space Glam” and “Intergalactic Adventure”

I recently started using an off-the-charts amazing eyeliner from Essence Cosmetics, so when I noticed these “Out of Space Stories” polishes in the display, I had to try a couple shades out! These polishes are only $2.99, so I was interested to see if they would be good quality or not. Plus, I am obsessed with all things astronomical, so I couldn’t pass these up! So far I have had amazing experiences with the makeup products from this brand. You can find these polishes at Ulta or on the Essence Cosmetics website!

First up is my favorite of the two shades, “Space Glam”.


Space Glam is an iridescent glittery pink packed full of gold microglitters. I thought this was going to be an incredibly sheer polish, but this is somehow opaque in just two coats!


The gold microglitter/shimmer is SUPER intense.


The second polish I purchased was “Intergalactic Adventure”.


Intergalactic Adventure is a multichrome polish with a dark blue base and purple to light blue/teal shifting shimmer.


Here’s an up-close shot of this shade. The shimmer and shift is super gorgeous!


One thing to note about this polish is that your brush strokes might be noticeable, so try and keep your strokes as smooth as possible.


Overall, you can probably tell that I’m really impressed by these two polishes. Both had amazing and easy to work with two-coater formulas, which can be hard to find in even the highest quality indie polish! For a $2.99 bottle of polish, Essence hit it out of the ballpark and matched both the uniqueness and quality that we see in the indie market.

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