Cupcake Polish

Cupcake Polish “All Tide Up”

Today I have swatches of my first-ever polish from Cupcake Polish! I bought this shade a few months back and am finally getting around to wearing it on my nails this week.

All Tide Up has a warm magenta creme base with purple to blue/teal multichrome shimmer.


Here’s a close-up shot of that gorgeous shimmer!


Here is an angled side-by-side where you can see the magenta creme beside the shimmer.


This shade was opaque in 2 coats of color and had a perfect, easy to work with formula. You will want to watch out for excess brush strokes and try to keep your strokes as straight as possible as you can see some brush strokes on the nail due to that multichrome shimmer.


I’ve been eyeing Cupcake Polish for ages and I am so pleased with my first shade from them– I will definitely be shopping from Cupcake again in the future!

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