Juleps “Felicia”, “Emerson”, and “Kimberly”

These three polishes are amongst some of the most highly sought out Julep polishes. Felicia, Emerson, and Kimberly were originally released in 2014. It took me several months to get my hands on all three of these unique speckled pastel polishes!


Emerson (blue) is a robin’s-egg-blue pastel creme with black flecks. Kimberly (purple) is a light, warm-toned purple creme with black flecks. I used three coats of polish for both of these shades. For Felicia, the mint green creme with black flecks, I used two coats of polish.


After finally finding these polishes after months of searching, it’s clear why people love these unique shades so much! They are the perfect colors for spring and make a fantastic Easter-themed manicure! As the weather warms up, I’m eager to get these three pastels back on my nails. Hopefully Julep will release some more pretty pastels with the same black speckled flecks in the future. If you’re looking for a polish within a similar color range and finish, check out my review of these creme polishes with black flakies from Nine Zero Lacquer!

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