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Tonic Polish “Bauble”

This week I tried out my very first polish from Tonic! Tonic is a popular indie brand that I’ve been eyeing for ages, but I only bought my first polish from them within the past couple months.

Bauble has a dark blue leaning purple jelly base, plus unicorn pee pigment and iridescent flakies. This is a busy, beautiful polish! I used three coats of polish, but was being pretty nit-picky. You can definitely get full coverage in two coats of color with this shade. Additional coats of polish definitely deepens the color of the purple-blue base color.


Here’s a close up of that gorgeous unicorn pee pigment! The pigment contrasts beautifully with the purple-blue base.


Unfortunately, the polish did begin to wear off of the tips of my nails pretty quickly. I noticed tip-wear in less than twenty-four hours of wearing this polish, which is not typical for me. Some of that tip-wear is visible in my swatch photos, as I took these photos the day after applying the polish.


I have another shade from Tonic to try out (another gorgeous unicorn pee pigment polish!), so I will be testing that one out soon to see if I have additional wear-time issues with that shade or not.


Even with the shorter wear time of this polish, I have definitely been staring at the gorgeous unicorn pee pigment non-stop!


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