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1850 Artisan Polish: Treasures of the Pacific Collection, Part 2

Here is part two of 1850 Artisan Polish‘s “Treasures of the Pacific” collection! You can see my blog post for part 1 of the collection, which includes four multichrome polishes, here. These eight shades will be released on April 14th. The final four shades in this collection are three multichrome flakie toppers as well as a black creme. All three of these flakie toppers have excellent quality multichrome flakies in a completely clear jelly base. The flakies are plentiful and they lay completely flat on the nail. I topped each of these polishes with 1850’s fantastic quick dry topcoat, Fast Track. I absolutely love this top coat and after swatching 1850’s first three collections with it, my bottle is nearly empty!

First up is “Squid Ink”, a phenomenal black creme polish.


Not many polishes are one-coaters on my long nails. However, Squid Ink is an exception! This polish was FULLY opaque in just one easy coat. There is no streakiness whatsoever.


The formula on this black is absolutely perfect. This beautiful black is the staple every polish lover needs in their collection! Squid Ink is the perfect base color to wear under all three of the flakie toppers; the opaque black enhances the colors in the multichrome flakies.


The first flakie topper I have to share is “Lion’s Mane Jelly”. The flakies in this topper shift from red to green with gold around the edges. Here is Lion’s Mane Jelly over Squid Ink, as well as on its own on my ring finger as an accent! I used just one coat of Lion’s Mane Jelly over Squid Ink, and two coats of Lion’s Mane Jelly by itself on my accent nail.


The Lion’s Mane Jelly from the Pacific Ocean is only rarely found in California, which is a fitting tribute for the highly sought-after color shift found in the flakies of this topper!


Here’s a close-up of this flakie beauty!


Next up is “Moon Jelly”, with multichrome flakies shifting from light purple to light blue, with orange, gold, and green around the edges. Once again, Moon Jelly is pictured over Squid Ink, as well as on its own on my ring finger. I used just one coat of Moon Jelly over Squid Ink, and two coats of Moon Jelly by itself on my accent nail.


The Moon Jelly is another jellyfish that can be found in the Pacific Ocean.


Here’s a close-up of these pretty purple flakes. This was definitely my favorite topper because I love purple!


The third flakie topper is “Crystal Jelly”, with green to blue to purple shifting flakies. Here is Crystal Jelly over Squid Ink and by itself. I used just one coat of Crystal Jelly over Squid Ink, and two coats of  Crystal Jelly by itself on my accent nail.


The Crystal Jelly found in the Pacific Ocean is one of the most ethereal jellyfish you can find in the ocean, considering it is bioluminescent and gives off a green and blue glow!


Here’s my close-up shot of Crystal Jelly.


I absolutely love these flakie toppers! They are a must-have for anyone who loves flakies. They are extremely versatile as you can layer them over whatever color polish you desire, such as a black like Squid Ink, or you can wear them on their own for a beautiful opalescent look. I’m extremely impressed by how many flakies you get with just one coat of this topper. You definitely get full flakie coverage!

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

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