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LynB Designs Harry Potter Polishes

If you’ve read a handful of my blog posts, you know that Harry Potter-inspired polishes are my absolute favorite! Today I have four Harry Potter shades from indie brand LynB Designs. This is also my first time testing out this brand!

First up, we have the logical starter: “Potter“.


Potter is a black jelly with scattered holographic micro glitters.


I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed by this shade! In my experience, a good black holographic can be hard to come by. However, this black holo is absolutely stunning. The holographic glitters are very tiny and almost look 3D on the nail!


I used 2 coats for full coverage, but I definitely found this shade to be nearly opaque in 1 coat. Those with shorter nails would probably reach full opacity in 1 thick coat of polish. I also found that the polish thickened up upon adding my second coat, so I would recommend waiting until your first coat is completely dry before adding a second coat if you need one.


Next up, we have a few spells!

Expecto Patronum is a spell used to repel the horrific dementors found in the Harry Potter universe. Using this spell also creates a patronus. Each witch or wizard has their own unique patronus: a silvery blue creature that acts as a guardian.


This shade is exactly what I would have picked to epitomize a patronus. “Expecto Patronum” is a light periwinkle blue glitter with fine silver glitters and slightly larger scattered holographic glitters.



This shade was opaque in two coats of color.


Obliviate is a spell used throughout the Harry Potter novels to erase someone’s memory.


Obliviate” is a sheer, mauve-toned crelly with a bright blue shimmer and holographic flakes.


When I look at this shade, the haziness that I would expect comes with having your memory erased immediately comes to mind.


I used two coats of polish for this shade, but I found that one coat left a really beautiful, sheer, and natural color. If you love sheer, pretty shades, you might love Obliviate with just one coat.


“Riddikulus” is a spell used to defeat a boggart. Boggarts are shapeshifting creatures that take the shape of whatever you fear the most. The riddikulus charm turns the boggart into something funny, instead.


This polish is a minty blue-green with scattered holographic shimmer, gold to bronze shifting flakies, and an incredibly intense orange shimmer.


I’m always super jealous of those who are capable of creating gorgeous nail art. One nail art trend I absolutely love is gemstones, and this polish is super reminiscent of a turquoise stone!


Overall, words cannot express how much I loved every one of these polishes! I will definitely be purchasing more shades from LynB Designs in the future. All of these shades had really great formulas, unique finishes, and most importantly, they epitomized the Harry Potter themes they were named after perfectly.

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