China Glaze “OMG! Flashback” Collection

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen swatches of this holographic throwback collection from China Glaze all over the place! The 2018 OMG Collection is a 10th anniversary re-release of six of the original shades from China Glaze’s 2008 OMG Collection. I finally got my hands on a full set of the minis and have some beautiful, rainbow-filled swatches to share with you. Keep reading to see my swatches in artificial lighting and in direct sunlight, and for my review at the end– are these polishes really worth the hype?!

First up, we have the one that caught my eye first: “BFF”.


BFF is a medium pink holographic that leans magenta.


“DV8” was the biggest dud in this collection for me. This shade has the least amount of holographic, and left horrific stains on my nails after wearing it for about 26 hours (with base coat underneath).


DV8 is a turquoise holographic. In direct sunlight, it appears more of a cyan blue.


“TTYL” is a copper holographic shade that leans more red or orange depending on what lighting you’re in.


This shade is more peach-toned in direct sunlight and would make a great Summer pedicure shade.


“IDK” is a medium purple holographic and is one of my favorites from this collection.


I’m a sucker for purples, and IDK is absolutely beautiful in the sun!


“2NITE” is a periwinkle-toned blue holographic.


Similarly to DV8, 2NITE doesn’t have as strong of a holographic effect as the other colors in this collection. However, the holographic is definitely more visible in 2NITE than it is in DV8.


“OMG”  is a pearly-white or silver holographic.


OMG had one of the best formulas and some of the most holographic in this collection.


As you can see, these holographics were beautiful. Almost all six have holographic quality you don’t usually see at the drugstore. This was my first time ever using a China Glaze polish– yep, seriously!– and, honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. I found application to be incredibly difficult. All six polishes were very streaky, and applying a second coat of polish would pull away the first coat of polish from the nail.

To get the best quality application, I would recommend using as few brushstrokes as humanly possible. This is essential! Next, I would recommend waiting until your first coat dries completely before applying coat number two. This helped prevent the second coat from pulling the first coat of polish off of the nail. If you apply any of these six polishes carefully, you can reach opacity in two coats. However, there were definitely times where the polish pulled away my first 1-2 coats and required three coats.

Overall, are these polishes worth the hype? Although the holographic is absolutely stunning, I would have to say I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these shades unless you’re a die-hard China Glaze fan and you need them in your collection. At $7.50 (full-size at Ulta), I don’t think these particular shades are worth the price point. You can find absolutely stunning holographics from indie polish brands like ILNP or Cupcake Polish for a couple dollars more, but with much better quality and just as beautiful of a holographic effect.


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