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Emily de Molly “Mighty Atom” HHC July 2018

Today I have a beautiful magnetic polish from Emily de Molly to share! This fiery shade is part of the July pre-order of Hella Handmade Creations.


New to Hella Handmade Creations? Every month, HHC offers exclusive polishes from your favorite indie nail polish brands during a week-long pre-sale. The July pre-sale will be open fromJuly 14th at 12:01 AM EST until July 21 until 11:59 PM Hawaiian on Hella Handmade Creations’ website.  You can buy as many polishes as you want during the pre-sale. Each brand participating in HHC has picked their own theme to create specially inspired polishes. Emily de Molly’s current theme is “Astro Boy” and this polish has no cap. You can get this shade on its own for $12.00, or $13.00 with the magnet.


Mighty Atom has a dark purple to coppery red multichrome base with a subtle copper magnetic effect as well as gold holographic microglitters.


I thought all the magic happened when you used the magnet over this shade… However, after stepping outside and watching this polish come to life, I think I saw the real magical moment! The purple shift is beautiful in the sun.


This was actually my first magnetic polish, so I wanted to give a brief how-to for anyone who is also new to magnetics! 1) Apply your first coat as usual. After it is dry, you will want to go one nail at a time with your second coat combined with the use of the magnet. 2) Apply your second coat to one nail and immediately use the polish magnet over the wet polish; I held the magnet for about 30 seconds total over each nail. This polish dries semi-matte, so you will want to use a top coat. 3) You will also need to use the magnet over your top coat if you want to keep the same, sharp magnetic look. Again, apply your top coat over the nail and immediately use the polish magnet over the wet top coat, holding it there for about 30 seconds.


The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

2 thoughts on “Emily de Molly “Mighty Atom” HHC July 2018

  1. The top coat re-wets the magnetic polish underneath so it can disperse some of the original magnetic particles 🙂 I had no idea it would do that either, luckily another polish-loving friend gave me the heads up!


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