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POP Polish Oil Slick Pastel Collection

POP Polish has spent ages creating these new, unique pastel multichromes. Today I have four of these new shades to share with you! The entire collection will be available on August 10th for $16 a bottle on POP Polish’s website.

The maker recommends waiting until the polish is completely dry (including top coat) before looking for the shift in these shades, as the shift is not as noticeable until it has completely dried and settled. Additionally, the polishes appear sheer, but become more opaque after they have completely dried. In the information below, I’ll share how many swatches I needed to reach full opacity.


First up is the perfect pool-side shade, “Slick & Slide”.


Slick & Slide is a teal to blue to purple shifting multichrome.

I used two coats of color to reach full opacity with Slick & Slide.


Next up is “Bootylishslick”, an eye-popping pink.


Bootylishslick is a pink to peach to yellow to green shifting multichrome.

Here you can really see the peach and yellow shift. This shade was opaque in three coats of polish.


“Limslickle” will remind you of a cool lime snack for summer!


Limeslickle is a green to yellow shifting multichrome with a hint of blue multichrome around the edges.

I love the golden yellow this shade gives off! This shade was opaque in two coats of color.


“Slick Days of Summer” is a glowing orange, reminiscent of summer sun.


Slick Days of Summer is an orange to peach to yellow to light green shifting multichrome.

Here you can see some of the green chrome around the edges. This shade was opaque in three coats of color for me.


I also had the opportunity to try POP Polish’s top coat, “Liquid Glass”, and I am seriously impressed! This is a fantastic top coat that dries incredibly fast. If you’re in the market for a great glossy top coat, I would highly recommend trying this one out when you purchase some of these pastel oil slicks.

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails, where I will be hosting a giveaway when I reach 350 followers!

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