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Emily de Molly August 2018 Collection

Today I have an absolutely stunning upcoming collection from Emily de Molly to share! This collection releases on Thursday, August 16th at 10 AM AEST in Australia on the Australian Emily de Molly site, and on Wednesday, August 15th at 8 PM EDT on the USA and international Emily de Molly site. This is going to be a long post with oodles of photos, so let’s get started with the swatches!


First up is “Memories of Midnight”, a dark purple polish with blue chrome flakes and metallic blue microglitters.


This polish was opaque in two coats of color. I found the formula slightly runny, but still very easy to work with and very opaque.


Here is Memories of Midnight in natural light under direct sunlight.

“Dancing Through Sunday” is a periwinkle blue with orange to green iridescent flakies, aurora pigment, and silver holographic microglitters.


This polish just might be the most flakie-filled polish I have ever seen! As a flakie lover, this shade was definitely my favorite from this collection. This shade was opaque in two coats of polish and the flakies spread easily across the nail and lay flat. This shade dries slightly matte.


Natural sunlight deepens the periwinkle base, but the flakies are still super prominent! You can also see the sprinkling of holographic glitters in the sun.


The following two photos were taken in natural, indirect sunlight. Here you can really see those flakies!

Next up is “Ashes From Flames”, an olive brown holographic with golden shimmer and silver holographic microglitters.


This shade was opaque in two coats of color and dries slightly matte.


The holographic effect is absolutely stunning in the sun!


“Right of Passage” is a dark purple-blue holographic with a subtle green to purple multichrome shimmer with blue iridescent microflakies.


This holographic has a really beautiful, deep, vampy base. Right of Passage is opaque in two coats of color.


In natural light under direct sunlight, the holographic effect is absolutely stunning!

“Positive Contact” is a dark rose gold foiled magnetic with blue to purple shifting shimmer. I applied one regular coat of polish and then painted one nail at a time for the second coat, holding a polish magnet over the wet polish for 30 seconds before moving onto the next nail. I also held the magnet over the nail for another 30 seconds after applying top coat to create a more defined magnetic effect.


The orange shimmer created by the magnet is absolutely stunning against the rose gold metallic base! This magnetic is super unique and one of my favorite polishes from the collection.


Here is Positive Contact under natural lighting in direct sunlight.

“Subdued Delights” is one of two thermals in this collection. This polish is a lilac to dark peach thermal with green to pink shifting shimmer. This shade was nearly opaque in just one coat of color, but will probably be completely opaque in one coat for those with shorter nails. This shade also dries slightly matte.

Here is Subdued Delights in its warm state, a pink-toned lilac purple. This shade definitely appeared more pink under my artificial lights, but more purple-toned under natural, direct sunlight.

And here is Subdued Delights in its cold state, a deep peach. The green shimmer is particularly noticeable in the cold state.

In direct sunlight, you can see more of the purple tones in the warm state.


The second thermal in this collection is “The Maze and The Hightower”, a light blue to light teal with strong pink to gold shifting shimmer; iridescent flakes; and silver microglitters. This shade was opaque in two to three coats of color and dries semi-matte.


Here is The Maze and The Hightower in its warm state, a light sky blue.


And here is The Maze and The Hightower in its cold state, a light teal green.


This thermal is absolutely stunning under natural, direct sunlight. The pink shimmer pops beautifully against the blue!

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails, where I will be hosting a giveaway when I reach 350 followers!

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