Julep “Cathy”

Cathy is a newer shade from one of beauty box brand “Julep”‘s most recent collections. I’ve been buying fewer polishes from Julep over the past couple years, but I was really attracted to this pretty pastel yellow.


Cathy is described as a yellow custard with ghost shimmer.


Unfortunately, I found Cathy’s formula to be pretty difficult to work with. The polish itself was fairly thick and left a lot of brush stroke streaks on the nail. I was able to make this polish look pretty decent by doing three total coats and waiting for each coat to dry completely in between coats. However, even after following these steps, several bumps and dents appeared in the polish within the first 30 or so hours of wearing it, despite waiting for the individual coats to dry completely and adding a quick-dry top coat on top.


I also found the “ghost” shimmer to be pretty disappointing. I only noticed the faint shimmer in direct sunlight, where it is still quite difficult to see.

It’s hard for us yellow-polish-lovers to find good quality yellows in the nail polish world! Sadly, I probably wouldn’t recommend this particular shade unless you are really in love with the color and are willing to work at applying it.

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