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Blush Lacquers “Lasso the Moon” PPU April 2018

This stunning, shimmery white from Blush Lacquers was an exclusive to Polish Pickup in April 2018. I realize it’s almost cruel to share an exclusive from several months ago, but…. this polish is too gorgeous not to post! April’s theme was “Across the Universe”, and this polish was inspired by a quote from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


“Lasso the Moon” has a silvery-white base with bright blue and purple shimmer, plus scattered holographic microglitters.


This polish really glows like moonlight. In the sun, it appears even more bright white and the shimmer is still really beautiful.


Here’s another shot of this polish in the sun. Lasso the Moon had a wonderful and easy to work with formula. I did have some minimal streakiness, which is in part due to the sheer nature of this polish.


For the swatch photos above, I used three coats of polish. I ended up going for a third coat to cover up some remaining streaks on two of my nails. However, this polish is truly beautiful and slightly different with just one coat, two coats, or three coats. I actually really loved this polish at one coat, where it is fairly sheer, but still has a beautiful glow to it. Below is a photo of my “Cindy” hand with just one coat of Lasso the Moon. This is definitely a shade you can experiment with to see what level of opacity you think looks best.


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