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POP Polish Falling Leaves Collection

Today I’m back with another new collection from POP Polish! I have four out of eight of these new shades to share today. This collection releases on September 24th on the POP Polish store. The Falling Leaves collection is an all-thermal collection inspired by autumnal colors. All of these shades are packed with shifting flakies, and each shades dries matte. I used three coats of polish for all of my swatches to ensure the polish was opaque in the warm state. I’ll show you each of these polishes with and without top coat, plus show you shots in indirect outdoor lighting so you can really see those flakies!


First up is my personal favorite, “Leaves of Gold”.


Leaves of Gold is an orange to yellow shifting thermal with shifting flakies. The transition between the orange and yellow is so bright and stunning! This shade gives me all of the autumn leaf vibes.


Here’s a shot of this shade without top coat. As I mentioned in the introduction, all of the shades in this collection dry matte.


In the cold state, Leaves of Gold is bright orange.



In the warm state, Leaves of Gold is bright yellow.



Here are some shots of this shade outdoors in indirect sunlight where you can really see the flakes pop!


Next is “Fall Harvest”, a red-toned brown to peach pink shifting thermal with shifting flakies.


This shade is another gorgeous autumn shade that reminds me of fall leaves.


Here is Fall Harvest before a glossy top coat.


In the cold state, Fall Harvest is a dark brown that leans red.



In the warm state, Fall Harvest is a dusty peach shade.



The next two photos were taken outdoors in indirect light to show off the beautiful flakies.


“The Fallen” is a grape violet to a medium lavender shifting thermal with shifting flakies.


The transition between purples in this shade is subtle, but if you’re as purple-obsessed as I am, you’ll love this color.


Here is The Fallen in its cold state before I added a coat of glossy top coat.


In the cold state, The Fallen is a grape violet. I do want to mention that this shade appeared almost cobalt blue to me in person, but my camera picked up more purple tones.


In the warm state, The Fallen is a medium lavender.


Once again, here are some shots of this shades outdoors in indirect light.


The last shade from this collection I have to share is “The Reaping”, a dark grey to light grey shifting thermal with shifting flakies.


Here is this shade in the cold state before top coat.


In the cold state, “The Reaping” is a not-quite-black dark grey.


In the warm state, “The Reaping” is a light, almost clear, grey.


The flakies in this shade are a beautiful bright green. Here are two last shots of this shade outdoors in indirect light where those green flakes really pop!


The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

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