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Emily de Molly October 2018 Collection

Today I have another upcoming collection from Emily de Molly that will have you absolutely head over heels! This is now the second full collection I have swatched for this brand, and I have to mention that I am continually impressed with the amazing formulas in each and every shade I put on my nails! If you’re crushing on a shade from this brand, you won’t regret making a purchase. This collection will release on Thursday, October 18th at 10AM AEDT on the Australian Emily de Molly site, and on Wednesday, October 17th at 7PM EDT on the USA and international Emily de Molly site. I cannot wait for you to see these beauties, so let’s get started with the swatches!


First up is a phenomenal bright blue multichrome, “Sea of Lies”.


Sea of Lies has an electric blue base with pink, green, and blue aurora pigment that create a multichrome-like effect. This shade was opaque in two coats of polish for me.


Here’s a side-by-side of the multichrome-like effect this shade gives off.

This polish literally looks like it glows! Here are some shots of this shade in the sunlight.


Finally, one last shot of this shade outdoors in indirect light.


“Midlife Crisis” was the polish that immediately caught my attention in this collection. The green shimmer is phenomenal!


This shade has a pale red base with lime to pink shifting foil shimmer. This shade is sheer on its first coat, but reaches full opacity at two coats.


For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind when I see this polish is a tomato. But, in the best, prettiest way! Here’s a shot of this shade at an angle where you can see the red base.


Here are a couple shots of this shade outdoors in direct sunlight.


Here’s one last shot of Midlife Crisis outdoors in indirect light.


Next up is a shade made for absolute royalty: “Glitters Reign”. I think this is definitely my favorite shade from this collection; purples always steal my heart!


Glitters Reign has a dark purple base with copper shimmer and silver holographic microglitters. This shade is opaque in two creamy coats of polish.


The shimmer in this shade is absolutely stunning against the royal purple base.


Here is Glitters Reign outdoors in indirect light.


“The Calm One” is a pretty peach shade.


This polish is described as a dusty peach with gold microflakes. This polish is another easy two-coater.


I absolutely love how the gold microflakes glow in the sunlight.


Here’s one last shot of this shade outdoors in indirect light.


Next up is another phenomenal shimmering shade: “The World Belongs to Us”.


This shade is has a teal base with pink/copper/gold shifting shimmer and a sprinkling of copper flakes. This shade is easily opaque in two coats of color.


Once again, we have another jaw-dropping shimmer shade in this collection! Look how beautifully that pink shimmer glows in the sun.


Once again, here is this polish in indirect outdoor light.


“Today at Noon” is one of two magnetics in this collection.


Today at Noon is a dark pink, almost red, holographic with an orange/copper magnetic effect. This shade was fully opaque in two coats of polish. For this tight magnetic effect, I used my polish magnet on one nail at a time when I applied my second coat of polish. I also used the magnetic over top coat to keep the magnetic effect sharp.


The pink tones of this shade really come out under direct sunlight.


Here is Today at Noon outdoors in indirect light.


“Electric Arc” is the second magnetic shade in this collection.


This shade is described as a neutral holographic with silver holographic microglitters and an icy blue magnetic effect. This shade was also fully opaque in two coats of polish, and I followed the same steps as described above to get this sharp magnetic effect.


The icy blue pull from the magnet is absolutely stunning! This is one of the most unique magnetics I’ve seen. Here are some shots of this shade in direct sunlight.


And, one last shot of this shade in indirect light.


“Version of a Truth” is the final shade in this collection, and a lovely thermal that is opaque in two coats of color.


In its warm state, Version of a Truth is a dusty lavender with green to pink shifting shimmer and silver microflakes.


In its cold state, Version of a Truth shifts to a dusty pink with the same green to pink shifting shimmer and silver microflakes.


Here are some shots of this shade outdoors in direct sunlight. In the first photo, under partial transition; and in the second photo, in the cold state.



I love the glow of the green shimmer in this shade! Here’s a final shot in indirect sunlight in the cold state.


The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

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