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POP Polish “This is Halloween” Tri Thermal Collection

Today I have an absolutely fantastic collection of tri-thermals for you, all of which have Halloween-inspired names! This collection releases on October 14th at 3PM EST in the POP Polish store. I am so incredibly impressed with the amazing pigmentation in these beauties. I see the tri-thermal shift in different environments while wearing them and I am absolutely obsessed with the Halloweeny names! Each of these polishes is opaque in just two coats of polish and each shade dries matte and slightly textured; the swatches below are all shown with one coat of glossy top coat.


“Candy Corn” shifts from dark orange, to Halloween orange, to yellow; it is also packed with orange, gold, and bronze iridescent flakes, gold metal flakes, and silver holographic glitter.


Here’s an up-close shot of all three colors in transition.


Here you can see Candy Corn in the warmest state, a warm yellow.


Here you can see Candy Corn in the tepid and cold states: Halloween orange to dark burnt orange.


“Nosferatu” shifts from dark grey, to medium pink, to lavender; it is also packed with green shimmer, iridescent flakes in purple, pink, and green, plus silver metal flakes and silver holographic glitter.


Here’s an up-close shot of all three shades in transition.


Here you can see the warmest state of Nosferatu, a lovely lavender.


Here you can see Nosferatu in the coldest stage with a tad bit of the tepid stage showing at my cuticles.


“Spellbound” is a trio of bright greens with blue, purple, and pink iridescent flakes as well as orange, bronze, and gold transluscent flakes; plus, sparkling green mica, gold metal flakes, and silver holographic glitter.


Here’s an up-close shot of all three beautiful shades of green!


Here is Spellbound in the warmest state, a light grass green.


Here is Spellbound in the absolutely coldest state.


“Hocus Pocus” is a dark purple to dusty blue to opalescent white shifting thermal with green, orange, and pink iridescent flakes, and gold metal flakes with silver holographic glitter.


Here is this beautiful shade in transition!


I love how all of the sparkle and flakies makes this shade look like an opal in the warmest state.


Here is Hocus Pocus in its coldest state, dark royal purple.


By the Pale Moonlight is a dusty navy blue to a Halloween purple to a bright pastel seafoam green shifting thermal with a mix of two types of iridescent flakes: purple, green, and pink shifting flakes as well as orange, pink, and blue shifting flakes. There is also some red iridescent pigment, gold metal flakes, and holographic glitters.


By the Pale Moonlight is hands down my favorite of this collection! These three colors are absolutely stunning together!


Here is the warmest state of By the Pale Moonlight, an eye-catching seafoam green.


In the coldest state, By the Pale Moonlight is a dusty dark blue.


“She-Devil” is a trio of pinks: a dark purple-toned pink, to a hot pink, to girly Barbie pink. This shade also has purple, blue, and pink iridescent flakes and blue to purple shifting shimmer topped off with green course cut mica and silver holographic glitters.


Here’s a close-up of this pretty pink shade in transition.


In the warmest state, She-Devil is a pretty light pink.


In the coldest state, She-Devil is a magenta-toned purple.


“The Haunted Forest” is a greyed forest green to pastel blue to a warm nude shifting thermal with purple, green, and pink iridescent flakes, gold metal flakes, and holographic glitter.


This shade is probably my second favorite: I love the unique combination of colors that are perfect for fall!


In the warmest state, Haunted Forest is an apricot nude shade.


Here you can see Haunted Forest in the tepid state with the coldest state at the tips of my nail.


I know you are all as in love with this incredible collection as I am! Leave me a comment to tell me which shades you’ll be purchasing. The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

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