Emily de Molly

Emily de Molly “Voice of My Love”

Today I have an absolutely stunning shimmer-filled purple shade to share! I love this shade so much that I wore it for nearly two weeks straight!


This shade from Emily de Molly was part of the June 2017 collection and is sadly no longer available; however, it is too beautiful not to share! I was lucky enough to find this shade in a de-stash and snatched it up immediately.


“Voice of My Love” is a deep purple with a vibrant copper-gold shimmer. I used two coats of polish for these swatch photos. I found the formula to be on the thick side, but still easy to work with.


The shimmer in this shade absolutely comes to life in the sunshine.


I’m a huge fan of holographic effects and flakies, but lately I have been absolutely obsessed with intense shimmers like this one! The shimmer is just stunning against the base color.


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