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Ethereal Lacquer Winter Collection 2018

Today I have three shades from Ethereal Lacquer’s Winter Collection to share! This collection will release at 6AM EST on Friday, November 23rd and will be available for purchase until 11PM EST on November 27th. This release also includes a stunning group custom quad and November mystery polish; all orders will also receive a free Black Friday polish: you don’t want to miss out on this release! All three of these polishes have absolutely exquisite formulas; Ethereal’s formulas are so consistently creamy and easy to work with for me.


I have to start with my absolute favorite from this collection: “Veil of Ice”.


Veil of Ice has a purple leaning orchid base with a strong turquoise shimmer that appears violet at some angles. I am absolutely obsessed with this stunning shade!


Here’s a close-up shot of this beauty. I used three thin coats of polish for my swatch photos. I would also recommend keeping your brush strokes as straight as possible to avoid any visible brush lines on the nail.


Next up is “Solstice”, a beautiful shimmering navy.


Solstice has a brightened navy jelly base with magical copper red to green shimmer and holographic sparkles.


The shift between red to green is super noticeable in this shade! Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the shift. I used three thin coats of polish for these swatch photos.

Finally, we have a phenomenal flakie topper, “Snow Fall”.


Snow Fall is a flurry of holographic flakies blended in a glowing red to green aurora base with a sprinkling of red iridescent flakes. Here is a side-by-side comparison where you can see the red to green aurora shift. I used three thin coats of Snow Fall without any base polish for these shots.

Next, here is one coat of  Snow Fall as a topper over 1850 Artisan Polish’s “Squid Ink”, my favorite one-coat black! The black base truly brings this shade to life.


Here’s another side-by-side comparison of the red to green aurora shift, which is still evident in just one coat over black!

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