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POP Polish Babes in Toy Land Collection

POP Polish has a new collection of beautiful pastel polishes as part of their holiday collections. These beautiful shades were inspired by the innocence and wonder of Children at Christmastime. This collection, along with POP’s other holiday collections, are scheduled to release on November, 30th. All of my swatches show two coats of polish without top coat; these shades have a beautiful semi-glossy finish and were easily opaque! 

First up is “Carousel”, a silver leaning lavender. Carousel has a lavender base that appears somewhat silver with purple shimmer, holographic shimmer, and yellow, blue, and green shifting flakes. 

“Nutcracker” is a stunning pale yellow. This shade is described as a pale yellow with gold shimmer, holographic shimmer, and purple, red, and yellow shifting flakies. 

“Kaleidescope” is an eye-catching pastel green.This shade is described as a pale green with green shimmer, holographic shimmer, and green to blue to violet shifting flakies. 

“Teddy Bear” would make for the perfect accent nail and is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite  childhood friend!This brown-leaning gold has gold shimmer, holographic shimmer, and yellow to blue to green shifting flakies. 

“Drummer Boy” is one of my favorites from this collection. Drummer Boy can be described as a pastel baby blue with blue shimmer, holographic shimmer, and blue to purple to red shifting flakies. 

Finally, we have my absolute favorite shade in this collection, “Babydoll”! Babydoll is a pastel petal pink with hot pink shimmer, holographic shimmer, and orange to red to green shifting flakies. 

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