Glam Polish

Glam Polish Dark Arts Collection: “Horcrux”and “Imperio”

Glam Polish recently released yet another fantastic Harry Potter-inspired collection. I’ve shared many other beautiful Harry Potter-inspired shades from Glam Polish here on my blog in the past and I’m always amazed when they come up with even more unique shades! I purchased two shades from the Dark Arts collection and have both of them to share with you today.

First up is “Horcrux”. In the Harry Potter universe, a horcrux is an evil object that stores a piece of one’s soul. Voldemort creates seven horcruxes in the Harry Potter books.

Horcrux is a grey-leaning blue packed with holographic microglitter and iridescent flakies. There is a crazy beautiful green shift in this shade as shown in the swatches below.

This shade is PACKED with holographic! Here’s a shot of Horcrux outdoors in direct sunlight.

Here’s a shot of Horcrux outdoors in indirect light where the flakies really stand out.

Next up is “Imperio”, which is an unforgivable curse in the Harry Potter universe that allows one who casts the spell complete control over another.

Imperio has a dark purple jelly base with green to purple shimmer, iridescent flakes, and a sprinkling of holographic. 

Here you can see that deep purple base along with some holographic goodness! 

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