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Ethereal Lacquer Dark Magic Collection

Ethereal Lacquer’s latest collection is the “Dark Magic” collection, consisting of seven spooky new shades! These polishes will be available for pre-order from September 27th (9PM EST) through October 1st (9PM EST) on the Ethereal Lacquer website.

First up is “Spellbook”, a dark taupe creme with grey undertones. This shade is opaque in 1-2 coats of polish.

The second creme in this collection is “Crimson”, a bright, warm-toned cherry red. This shade was also opaque in 1-2 coats.

“Cauldron Bauble” is the Halloween limited edition version of Ethereal Lacquer’s best-selling topper, “Bauble”. This Halloween edition of Bauble has a charcoal tint and some extra shimmer. Here I paired one coat of Cauldron Bauble over Spellbook and have two coats of Cauldron Bauble by itself on my ring finger.

“Ceromancy” is another gorgeous topper with a sheer grey tinted base that is packed with red/copper/gold/green shifting flakies and red/green shimmer. I paired Ceromancy over both Spellbook and Crimson. You can see Ceromancy by itself in two coats on my ring finger.

“Spellcast” has a neutral base with a pale raisin tint and dense red/green color shifting shimmer. My swatches show this shade in two coats of polish.

“Petals” has a rich plum base and is packed with dense red/green color shifting shimmer. My swatches show this polish in two coats of color.

The final shade in this collection is my personal favorite: “Elixir” has a dark eggplant base and is packed with holographic flakies and a strong copper shimmer. This shade was opaque in two coats of polish for me.

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review. Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to keep up with my blog, take a peek at the right-hand sidebar where you can follow with your email address or WordPress account. You can also find me and my swatches on Instagram @rachelaughsnails.

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