ILNP Purples: “Ruby Sky”, “Hush”, “Kings & Queens”, & “Lilac Bridges”

Since I’m bored in my apartment during self-quarantine in New York, I decided to swatch some beautiful purple polishes in my personal collection from ILNP! Keep reading to see my swatches of this blurple-rainbow!

Ruby Sky” is a rich cobalt blue jelly with purple undertones and a mix of red and pink shimmer. I love how well the name of this polish fits the formula: it is quite literally a sprinkling of ruby shimmer mixed into a cobalt “sky” of blue. You can see a close-up of the shimmer in the fourth swatch image below! My swatches show this shade in 3 coats of polish.

Hush” is an ultra-chrome polish that shifts from teal to blue to violet to magenta and to orange and red at extreme angles. In my swatches you can primarily see the teal-blue-violet shift with a glimpse of the magenta shift in my fourth swatch photo. My swatches show this shade in 3 coats of polish.

Kings & Queens” is a purple ultra holographic with red tones. This purple is one of my absolute favorite purple holographics in my personal nail polish collection! My swatches show this shade in 2 coats of polish.

Lilac Bridges” has a delicate sheer lilac base with an assortment of gold shimmers. In my fourth swatch photo, you can see how stunning the gold shimmer is outdoors in natural sunlight. This stunning shimmer shade has me excited for the lilacs that will start blooming in about a month! My swatches show this shade in 3 coats of polish.

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