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LynB Designs “Taurus” May 2019 POTM

As both a Taurus and a purple-lover, I knew I had to pick up LynB Designs' polish of the month from May. Keep scrolling to see swatches of this beautiful purple flakie shade! "Taurus" is part of LynB Designs' Zodiac of the Month Collection. Taurus has a pale lavender crelly base with scattered holo shimmer… Continue reading LynB Designs “Taurus” May 2019 POTM

LynB Designs

LynB Designs “Lumos” and “Nox”

Today I have two Harry Potter-inspired polishes from LynB Designs to share! This black and white duo is from my personal polish collection. Lumos has a sheer white loaded base loaded with blue shimmer and a rainbow of shifting flakies. My swatches show this shade in four coats of polish. This shade was a bit… Continue reading LynB Designs “Lumos” and “Nox”

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Hella Handmade Creations April 2019 Swatches Part 2

Thank you for your patience while waiting for part 2 of my April HHC swatches! As mentioned in part 1 of my swatches, I had a nasty nail break that I had to wait to grow out. Now that my nails have a bit of length back to them, I have the rest of my… Continue reading Hella Handmade Creations April 2019 Swatches Part 2

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Favorite Polishes of 2018

Happy New Year's Eve! This year has been full of absolutely amazing new polishes, so today I have a total of ten polishes that came out during 2018 to share. The first five shades will be polishes that released in regular collections. The last five shades will be polishes that were only available for an… Continue reading Favorite Polishes of 2018

LynB Designs

Lyn B Designs “You Better Work”

I recently shared my very first solar polish from Cupcake Polish, and today I have another solar polish from Lyn B Designs to share! Indoors, "You Better Work" is a bright orange with a rainbow of shifting iridescent flakies and green to red to silver shifting shimmer. In person, I did feel like the orange… Continue reading Lyn B Designs “You Better Work”

LynB Designs

LynB Designs “Perfectly Balanced”

Today I have a phenomenal shimmer polish that literally looks like it's glowing! "Perfectly Balanced" is a robin's egg blue with green to blue to purple shifting multichrome flakies, plus a stunning light purple shimmer. This polish applied beautifully and was opaque in two coats of polish. The purple shimmer pops in direct sunlight! I… Continue reading LynB Designs “Perfectly Balanced”

LynB Designs

LynB Designs “Amortentia”

This week I am celebrating Harry Potter's birthday by sharing some of my favorite Harry Potter-inspired polishes on my Instagram, @rachelaughsnails. Today I'm featuring "Amortentia" from LynB Designs. In the Wizarding World, Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in existence. It smells distinctly different to each person who smells it based on what that… Continue reading LynB Designs “Amortentia”

LynB Designs

LynB Designs “Sectumsempra”

Hello fellow Harry Potter polish lovers! Today I have another Harry Potter-themed polish from LynB Designs to share. Today also marks the first day of a week-long celebration counting down to Harry Potter's birthday on July 31st! All week long, I will be sharing  my favorite Harry Potter-inspired polishes on Instagram. Be sure to follow… Continue reading LynB Designs “Sectumsempra”

LynB Designs

LynB Designs Harry Potter Polishes

If you've read a handful of my blog posts, you know that Harry Potter-inspired polishes are my absolute favorite! Today I have four Harry Potter shades from indie brand LynB Designs. This is also my first time testing out this brand! First up, we have the logical starter: "Potter". Potter is a black jelly with… Continue reading LynB Designs Harry Potter Polishes