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Femme Fatale “Pride Must Suffer Pain”

Happy birthday to me! Since today is my birthday, I wanted to share one of my favorite thermals from one of my favorite polish brands. This is "Pride Must Suffer Pain" from Femme Fatale, which was part of Femme's The Little Mermaid collection from February of 2017. Pride Must Suffer Pain is an aqua to… Continue reading Femme Fatale “Pride Must Suffer Pain”

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Femme Fatale “Hearts Desires”

With warm sunshine and blue skies finally on their way, I'm obsessed with Femme Fatale's "Heart's Desires"! This beautiful coral polish is perfect for spring! Check out these amazing flakies! Heart's Desires has a soft pastel coral base and is packed with iridescent aqua flakies as well as a scattered red shimmer. The formula is… Continue reading Femme Fatale “Hearts Desires”

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale “It’s Everything”

It's Everything from Femme Fatale is an incredibly unique polish in that it appears blue in some lighting, and purple in other lighting. For the most part, it appeared light blue in indoor or dim lighting, and medium purple in direct sunlight. Here is It's Everything in its blue state. Here is It's Everything in… Continue reading Femme Fatale “It’s Everything”

Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “Midnight Sun” and “Morningtide”

Today I have two thermals from Femme Fatale to share! These two polishes were part of the "New Beginnings" collection, which was originally exclusive to Live Love Polish. Since dissolving ties with Live Love Polish, Femme Fatale has had the remaining stock of this collection available on their website. I swatched another polish from this… Continue reading Femme Fatale “Midnight Sun” and “Morningtide”

Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “Blue Within Blue Eyes”

When I first discovered Femme Fatale, this shade was on my ISO list for months. I was ecstatic when Femme Fatale re-released this gorgeous thermal, along with a few other of their most popular shades, in 2017. I snapped this one up immediately! I used three coats of color for this mani to make sure… Continue reading Femme Fatale “Blue Within Blue Eyes”

Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale Valentine’s Day Trio 2018

Today I have swatches for the gorgeous Valentine's Day trio from Femme Fatale! This trio was available in their January 2018 presale and the shades will trickle down to stockists in the future. All three of these shades are beautiful and are truly the epitome of Valentine's Day. Each is based on either a Greek… Continue reading Femme Fatale Valentine’s Day Trio 2018

Femme Fatale · Thermal

Femme Fatale “End of the Storm”

End of the Storm was my first-ever thermal nail polish! I'm wearing it for the second time, which is saying a lot considering very few of my polishes ever get worn more than once...... Oops, did I just admit that?? End of the storm is a golden-tan to purple-periwinkle thermal. In its warm state it… Continue reading Femme Fatale “End of the Storm”

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A Year in Review: My Five Favorite Polishes of 2017

In 2017, I wore 61 different manicures! In retrospect, it seems like a small number compared to the amount of bottles I BOUGHT.... Whoops. I took a nice trip down manicure lane and picked out my five favorite polishes of 2017! My number one polish this year was, hands down, Femme Fatale's "Exosphere", which was… Continue reading A Year in Review: My Five Favorite Polishes of 2017