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Glam Polish Potions & Spells Collection

Glam Polish's latest limited edition collection was inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Potions & Spells Collection will release on Thursday, November 28th at 12 PM EST along with Glam Polish's 7 year anniversary promotion. Additionally, as part of their Black Friday sale, you will be able to save 10-50% off of… Continue reading Glam Polish Potions & Spells Collection

LynB Designs

LynB Designs “Sectumsempra”

Hello fellow Harry Potter polish lovers! Today I have another Harry Potter-themed polish from LynB Designs to share. Today also marks the first day of a week-long celebration counting down to Harry Potter's birthday on July 31st! All week long, I will be sharing  my favorite Harry Potter-inspired polishes on Instagram. Be sure to follow… Continue reading LynB Designs “Sectumsempra”

Glam Polish

Glam Polish “Obliviate”

I was ecstatic when Glam Polish announced a continuation of their Magical Spells collection, which introduced four additional Harry Potter spells. Today I have "Obliviate" to share. In the Harry Potter universe, Obliviate is  a memory charm that can wipe a person's memory. Gilderoy Lockhart was exceptional at memory charms, and Hermione Granger uses this… Continue reading Glam Polish “Obliviate”

Glam Polish · unicorn pee

Glam Polish “Impedimenta” and “Expecto Patronum”

Today I have two beautiful "unicorn pee" pigment polishes from Glam Polish to share! Both of these shades were from Glam's limited edition Magical Spells collection in honor of their 5th anniversary and are unfortunately not available for purchase at the time of this blog post. For those of you who don't know me, I… Continue reading Glam Polish “Impedimenta” and “Expecto Patronum”