Juleps “Samma” and “Primrose”

Today I have two shades from Julep’s April 2018 collection, “Samma” and “Primrose”. Both of these shades are pretty purples that are perfect for springtime.

First up is Samma, a light lavender microglitter polish in a clear jelly base.


At first glance, Samma appears a bit silver in color, but a purple shimmer along with green and pink microglitters make this shade lean light purple.


This is definitely one of Julep’s more unique shades compared to some of their other recent launches. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that this color was actually opaque in just two coats of polish. You could also use this shade as a topper and layer one coat of it over another base color. Here’s a close-up shot of this shade and all of the tiny glitters!


In addition to the multicolored microglitters, Samma actually has a tiny bit of scattered holographic glitters, which are visible in this photo taken in direct sunlight with my iPhone camera.

Primrose is described as an “orchid” purple. I was super excited to get this shade since it was listed on the Julep website as a holographic. Sadly, this is not a holographic by my standards.


Primrose is packed full of white micro-flakies, which actually give this shade a bit of a metallic look. However, there is only a sprinkling of actual holographic glitters. There is such minimal holographic effect in this polish that I wouldn’t call it holographic whatsoever. Here’s a close-up shot of this shade, which is opaque in two coats of color.


Here’s a shot of Primrose taken with my iPhone camera in direct sunlight, which would theoretically bring out the holographic glitters. As you can see, there is hardly any holo, even directly under the sun. Sadly, the plethora of white microflakies seem to block any trace of holographic glitters in this polish.

The purple-pink orchid base color of this polish is gorgeous, and if you’re into the white micro-flakies or the very minimalistic holographic finish, this may be a perfect spring shade for you. Another shade from Julep that is quite similar in finish is Dominique, which is a dark teal shade full of white micro-flakies. If you love this purple color but want a true holographic, check out ILNP’s Wanderlust! This is one of my favorite shades by ILNP and will be featured in a blog post next month.


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