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Quixotic Polish “The Alexandrite Effect”

Polish Pickup Rewind month has been so exciting! One shade I was super excited to get a second chance to purchase was this one from Quixotic Polish. Heads up, you still have time to grab this shade before it’s really gone for good! This shade is available through the end of July, and heads up: Quixotic Polish is offering free shipping through the end of July, as well! You can find The Alexandrite Effect on Quixotic Polish’s website right here.


“The Alexandrite Effect” was originally part of the January 2018 Polish Pickup theme, “Crystals and Gemstones”. This shade was inspired by the gemstone alexandrite.


This polish has a fuchsia base with uber intense bright blue shimmer, plus some holographic microglitters.


This polish was easily opaque in two coats of color. I did have some problems with brush strokes showing up on the nail, which are visible in some of my swatches. However, I did find that a thick, glossy top coat helped even the brush streaks out.


Normally I walk around with a different shade of polish on each hand. Don’t judge, I have a big nail polish collection, and it’s really hard to pick just one color at a time! I love this shade so much that I wore it on both hands plus my toenails for several days! Yep, that’s four entire appendages wearing this beautiful polish.

Here’s a shot of this shade in natural lighting.


In direct sunlight, The Alexandrite Effect appears more medium purple and the shimmer is less noticeable. The holographic effect is beautiful in the sun!


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