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Heather’s Hues “All Is Bright”: Polish Pickup December 2017

Today I’m sharing my New Year’s Eve manicure, a fun thermal full of flakies from a brand new to me, Heather’s Hues. This shade was an exclusive to Polish Pickup’s December 2017 theme, Holidays Around the World. If you’re new to Polish Pickup and want to learn more about it, you can find their website here. Basically, every month there is a new theme that tons of indie polish brands create an exclusive polish for. You can buy the polishes you fall in love with directly from Polish Pickup’s website for one shipping cost. This was actually my first month buying from Polish Pickup, and I was definitely pleased with the two I picked up.


I felt like this thermal was the perfect shade for New Year’s Eve because of the crazy fun, colorful flakies! This first photo was taken outdoors in direct sunlight… very quickly, as it was 2 degrees out and the polish wanted to run to its cold state!


Here is All Is Bright in its completely warm state, a tan color, under artificial lighting.


Here is All Is Bright in its completely cold state, a brown-black, under artificial lighting. It isn’t completely black in its cold state, but has a brown tint to it.


Upon opening this bottle of polish for the first time, there was some dried polish residue all over the neck of the bottle. I wasn’t too impressed by this, as I don’t think I’ve ever had a polish arrive to me like that. Seeing this made me nervous for what the rest of the polish would have in store.


However, I was really impressed by the formula, and even more impressed by how well it shifts. I think this is the easiest-shifting thermal polish I’ve ever used. It turns both warm and cold extremely quickly when introduced to a temperature change. I used three coats of color for full opacity.


As you can see, this thermal is packed full of multicolor flakies, which is what originally caught my eye about this polish! You can see the holographic shimmer in natural lighting, like in this photo taken in direct sunlight. The flakies remind me of a burst of confetti on New Year’s Eve. There is also a hint of scattered holographic glitters.


What polish will you be wearing when the clock strikes midnight? Let me know in the comments!

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