OPI Venice Collection

A few months ago I took my first trip to Europe! The most beautiful and memorable part of my trip was visiting Italy. Since returning from my trip I’ve been on the hunt for some shades from OPI’s Venice collection from 2015! Today I have four beautiful shades from this collection to share.


Amore at the Grand Canal is a blue-toned deep red. Basically, your classic bright red polish.


I used three coats of polish for these swatch photos, but I definitely think this shade can be opaque in two coats. I did notice that the color does deepen when you add a third coat. So, if you’d prefer a deeper red, you may want to go for that third coat. I found this polish at Marshall’s for $3.99.


I used “Worth a Pretty Penne” as an accent shade paired with Amore at the Grand Canal. Worth a Pretty Penne is a copper shade that leans rose gold with plenty of shimmer. I purchased this shade from Ulta at full price (with a coupon, of course!).


Gelato on My Mind is a pale blue that leans slightly mint green.


Out of the four shades I tried from this collection, this one had the worst formula. However, as you can tell from my swatch photos, it still looks pretty good on the nail. It was pretty streaky at first, but by my third coat plus a coat of glossy top coat helped smooth out any streaks. I found this polish at TJ Maxx for 3.99.


“Purple Palazzo Pants” is a light pink-toned lilac purple.


I also used three coats of polish with this shade to even out any streakiness and to make sure the color was fully opaque. However, those with shorter nails can probably get away with two coats of polish. I found this polish at TJ Maxx for 3.99.


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