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1850 Artisan Polish Release Part Two

Today I have part two of 1850 Artisan Polish’s debut collection! The final six polishes of this collection include “High Rise”, “Santa Monica Pier”, “Pacific Coast Highway”, “Duplicity”, “Hummingbird”, and the quick dry top coat, “Fast Track”. This collection is scheduled to release on January 20th at 7:00 am PST. These polishes are listed for $10.00 each.


You can also find 1850 on Instagram and Facebook! Unless specifically noted, all of the bottle shot and brush shot photos were taken in artificial lighting, and all manicure photos were taken in natural lighting under direct sunlight.

High Rise is a ruby red jelly-based polish that leans fuchsia. If you love the “unicorn pee” polishes, you’ll love High Rise! High Rise has a very similar pigment called “unicorn aurora” that gives off a gorgeous shift, much like the shift from a unicorn pee polish.

Due to the unicorn aurora pigment, High Rise has a beautiful green and gold shifting shimmer to it.


High Rise needs 2-3 coats of polish for full opacity. I used three to cover my nail line, but those with shorter nails can probably get away with two coats of polish.

Santa Monica Pier is a sparkly, metallic copper glitter with a light pink shimmer, giving it a gorgeous rose gold finish. This polish was inspired by the sunset on Santa Monica Beach.


I am a sucker for rose gold, so I absolutely loved this one!



I needed three coats of color to cover my nail line, but those with shorter nails can get away with two coats of color with Santa Monica Pier.

Pacific Coast Highway is my second favorite polish from this collection. This polish is a deep blue with an intense violet shimmer, which makes it a dark periwinkle shade. This polish applies beautifully and has the most gorgeous, bright shimmer! I just put this shade on my toes and I’m obsessed!


One thing to take note of while applying this beauty is that it may leave brush strokes in the polish. Try to paint in as few strokes as possible, and keep your strokes straight up and down to avoid any noticeable brush stroke streaks.


Pacific Coast Highway needs 2-3 coats to reach full opacity.

Duplicity is another thermal. This is one of the most unique thermals I’ve ever used, as it is a multichrome thermal! This one has to be my absolute favorite from this entire collection. Duplicity is a svelte plum with gold shimmer when cold and a sunset peach with pink shimmer when warm. This is the perfect polish for the office– you’ll have a sophisticated shade with a secret thermal transition for when you’re bored at your desk!


Duplicity is opaque in only two coats of polish!


Here is Duplicity in its completely cold state, a plum multichrome that shifts plum to a golden brown. This photo was taken under artificial lighting.


Here is Duplicity in its completely warm state, a beautiful peach with a bright pink shimmer. This photo was taken under artificial lighting.



Like Dichotomy, Duplicity transitions very easily when introduced to a new temperature. I think the plum and peach shades in this thermal compliment each other absolutely beautifully. Together, the two shades remind me of a gorgeous sunset. These two photos were taken under artificial lighting, as well.


Here is an angled view of Duplicity in its cold state in natural lighting to show off a bit of the multichrome transition from plum to golden brown.

Hummingbird is a turquoise to purple shifting metallic multichrome polish inspired by our garden friends, beautiful hummingbirds! This multichrome is so intense that you get a glimpse of  red and gold along the edges, as well. When applying Hummingbird, be sure to do as few strokes of polish as possible to avoid any visible brush strokes left on your nail.



Here is Hummingbird in natural lighting in indirect light to show off the multichrome blue to purple transition.


Here is Hummingbird in direct sunlight, giving it an entirely different finish!


Fast Track is a fast dry top coat with no shrinkage! Fast Track dries incredibly quickly and gives you a gorgeous shiny finish. This top coat is available for just $6.00.

I used Fast Track over all of my swatches for this collection and was incredibly impressed. It is definitely fast-drying and holds up well over time, as well. This might be a new staple in my collection!

The polishes shown in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for swatching and my honest review.

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