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1850 Artisan Polish Holiday Collection 2018

1850 Artisan Polish’s latest collection is coming soon! Their new holiday collection releases on November 16th at 3PM Pacific. Keep reading to see the swatches!


“California Holly” is one of the “must-haves” in this collection for me. This red jelly is a staple shade for your holiday manicures, and just a beautiful red in general!

California Holly was inspired by Toyon berries, which are known as California holly. This shade is a dark berry red with a sprinkling of shimmer. The application of this shade is outstanding and it was opaque for me in two coats!

It was hard to capture the shimmer in this shade, but you can see it here in this close-up.

Next up is “Gilded”, beautiful gold sparkling shade.

Gilded has a sheer gold shimmer with fuchsia/gold/green shifting flakies. I used three thin coats of Gilded for these swatches.

However, Gilded can also make an outstanding topper! Here is one coat of Gilded over California Holly.  I am absolutely obsessed with this combo!

“Jubilant” was created to mirror the joy of the holidays.

This shade has a silver base with a slight multichrome shift to pink, blue, and purple; it also has scattered silver, fuchsia, and turquoise microglitters. I used three coats of polish for my swatch photos.

Next is one of two thermals in this collection. “Revelry” is a black to clear shifting thermal with with scattered holographic and fuchsia/gold/green shifting flakies.

For me, this is the perfect shade to wear on New Year’s Eve! This shade was opaque in two coats of polish for me; I also found this shade to have a thicker formula, but it was still workable.

Here’s a shot of Revelry in the cold state.

Here’s a shot of Revelry in the warm state.

Finally we have “Transcend”, the last shade in this collection. This shade was inspired by frosted pine trees.

Transcend is a deep green to icy white shifting thermal with gold microflakes and a turquoise shimmer. This shade was opaque in two coats of polish for me.

Here’s a shot of Transcend in the cold state, where the gold flakes are prominent.

Here’s a shot of Transcend in the warm state, where you can really see the turquoise shimmer.

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